Friday, July 3, 2009

Certified, at last!

Last year I took the beta exam for E-Business Suite Release 12, Install, Patch and Maintain Applications. Unfortunately I failed that exam, but I didn't prepare at all. In fact, I found out about the beta exam one day before the beta program ended...
Now I took some more time to prepare for the exam and passed with 82% score.
So, as of today I am officially allowed to call myself: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Database Administrator Certified Professional.
The exam was very appropriate: Proper level of difficulty, good questions, some pretty hard, I must say.
If you want to prepare: Take the course (Install Patch and Maintain Applications), learn all the new features of R12, the new file locations (logfiles, etc), and make yourself familiar with the managment tools around R12. Then you should be able to pass without too much problems.


  1. Heartiest Congratulations!
    Thanks for sharing your OCP exam experiences.

  2. Hi Arnoud,
    First of all congrats for your certification, I am little bit surprised to see your blog that I didn't notice it before. Good information and hope to see more on EBS R12.

    Is is possible to add email subscription via feedburner or any other tool so that I can read updates from my inbox (sorry for being lazy)

    Atul Kumar

  3. Hi Atul,
    Thanks for stopping by! I have been going through some tough time lately, hence no recent new posts on R12. I will write some new stuff soon, hopefully.
    I have no idea how to setup e-mail subscription to my weblog. I will investigate. Laziness is a virtue for DBA's, you know? Otherwise you will have less than no time for other (fun)stuff...:-)
    PS Write me an e-mail, so I can contact you when I get things done.