Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Certified Oracle IT Architecture Specialist!

Tonight I received an e-mail from PearsonVue that my score report for Exam 1Z1-574 was published. I didn't expect it this soon, since the beta period ended on May 26, if I remember well.
I was so happy to see that I have passed the exam!
Now it is official: I am Oracle IT Architecture Certified Specialist!


  1. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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  2. Hi Arnoud. Would you mind share your feeling about this certification (requirements, the exam, difficult...)?

  3. Hi Anonymous, thanks for stopping by!

    Make sure you understand and are familiar with the materials presented in the documentation library at http://www.oracle.com/goto/itstrategies.
    There are some 30 documents available there that describe the Oracle IT Architecture concepts. If you have any background in Architecture (e.g. Togaf 9 certification) things will be a lot less difficult to place. If you don't have any background in Architecture, I would recommend to start with Togaf 9 fundamentals, or even certified. This will teach you how to position technology architecture within Enterprise Architecture, and also the concepts of (technology) architecture. With this knowledge you can achieve certification for Oracle IT Architecture a lot easier. The exam is not easy at all. All the better, because IT Architecture is a subject that requires thorough understanding of (scope of) concepts, relationships and responsibilities.
    The exam requires insight and understanding rather than factual knowledge, which, by the way, is the basis for actual understanding and mastering the subject.

    It is however a very valuable certification, especially within the area of Oracle Solution Architecture. Notwithstanding, the materials presented in the documentation are also very usable for other areas than Oracle. As stated, Oracle IT Architecture is Vendor Neutral (except for the last of each document's chapters, which cover the product mapping; these can't be expected to contain other than Oracle's products, unless Oracle doesn't offer any products in that particular area).

    Happy Preparation! You won't regret certifying for Oracle IT Architecture!

  4. I am Java , JEE trainer with Oracle University. And I am very very old. Will Oracle Enterprise Architecture certification help me to build my career as an Architect with background in training?

    1. Yes Def it would help and add value to your experience and will enable to move to the bigger roles in architecutre landscape. Cheers go ahead.

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