Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"...Coolest Recovery Demo Ever..."

Yesterday, I got the chance to perform a presentation at the Dutch Oracle User Group (OGh) DBA day about a topic that I have blogged about a couple of days ago: Database Crash Recovery : To Restore Or Not Restore.

I proved my "theory" with a live demo. In VMware I crashed my database after having it backed up, after which I was able to recover within 5 minutes, without restoring the backup. All changes were kept, even the changes after the last incremental backup was taken... (I admit, I was impressed myself, too!:-)

The presentation went well, and today I received some comments from some of the attendees, telling me that the presentation was received extremely well. One of the attendees even twittered about "the coolest recovery demo ever".

For anyone interested in the solution/approach: The concepts of this approach are outlined in this and this article, founde elsewhere on my weblog.

Happy reading and testing!

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