Tuesday, May 26, 2009

R12.1.1 - New Technology Features at a Glance

Here is a quick list of the new technology features for E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1:


Version comes pre-packaged with E-Business Suite Release 12.1.1.
Version 10gR2 is still supported, for upgrades

Application Server for Forms And Reports for Java code and OAF, HTTP Server and OJSP

Third Party Technology
Java JDK version 6.0
Native Java Plugin for Client side browser) version 6.0 (5.0 still supported for upgrading customers).

Technology Components in APPL_TOP
JDeveloper runtime libraries version
Oracle BI Beans version
Oracle Thin JDBC Drivers version

Externally Installed Technology Certified with 12.1.1
Oracle AS 10g Portal
Oracle AS 10g Single Sign-on
Oracle AS 10g Discoverer
Oracle Collaboration Suite 10.1.2
Oracle Enterprise Manager

* The above require separate installation, the products mentioned don't come packaged with the distro.

Technology Configuration Management

Autoconfig has been improved greatly in this new release of Oracle E-Business Suite:

Profiler Mode
This mode has been added to the 12.1.1 AutoConfig. When you run AutoConfig in this mode, it can generate a performance report containing timing details about each script that is run by AutoConfig.

Autoconfig can be run in parallel on multiple nodes, reducing downtime.

Control Dependency Management
Redesigned service and service group definitions in the context file, enabling a service to be in different service groups and easing the addition of new services. Additional support for dependencies between service group. Introducing the possibility to enable and disable specific OC4J instances on the Application Tier Servers.

Enhanced to report on file system and database changes prior to running autoconfig. The report has a R12 L&F.

adbldxml on the Database Tier
This utility can now be used to create new context files on the database tier to facilitate database upgrades and cross-platform migration. This feature was available in 11i, but removed in R12.0, but luckily reintroduced again in R12.1.1

AutoConfig Search Utility
Run from the command line, this utility can be used to get detailed information on context variables and the templates where these are used. Nice detail: If you don't know the entire variable name, it also accepts part of the variable name.

Technology Stack Inventory Validation Report
This utility validates the TechStack Inventory, similar to the TechStack Validation utility. The resulting report shows component versions, installed patches and patch sets.

Application Tier File System sharing
There is now support for sharing the Application Tier File System amongst multiple Oracle E-Business Suite instances. In Release 12.0 the APPL_TOP could be shared, because the Instance Home was introduced. Now there is support to share the entire Application Tier File System (including the Application Server Tech Stacks). Refer to Metalink Note 384248.1.

Enhanced Support for DMZ deployments
New demilitarized zone (DMZ) deployment options added, like support for forward proxies, reverse proxies without external web tiers, and the option to use hardware load-balancers without an external web tier.
More information in Metalink Note 380490.1

Application Tier Load Balancing
Enhancements in support for major load balancing methods: DNS, HTTP Layer and Native OC4J. Refer to Metalink Note 380489.1

Network Traffic Encryption
There is now Autoconfig support for securing the main communication with SSL: Desktop To WebServer (HTTPS), WebServer to JVM (AJPS), JVM (and other technology processes) to database (Advanced Security or Encrypted SQL*Net). See Metalink Note 376700.1

Oracle Connection Manager
AutoConfig now supports Oracle Connection Manager with R12.1.1. Oracle Connection Manager is a security tool acting as a proxy server that forwards connection requests to database servers. For more information, see Metalink Note 558959.1.

One option that I cannot leave unnoticed (taken from Steven Chan's weblog):
The R12.1.1 Rapid Install allows you to upgrade to 12.1.1 from EBS 11.5.9, 11.5.10, 11.5.10.CU1, and 11.5.10.CU2. That is one cool feature to explore. Will do that soon, hopefully.

Come back soon!

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