Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1Z0-238 (EBS R12 IP&M) exam release date?

On October 30 of this year I took the 1Z1-238 Oracle EBS Release 12 Install, Patch and Maintain Applications Exam. At the time it was still in Beta status, what is more, the Beta exam ended the very day after (Oct. 31). If you are interested in my experiences, please visit Mohan Dutt's weblog, which holds a blog from me sharing my experiences on the exam.
One of the nice features of Oracle's beta exams is that anyone who takes this exam will be scored on the basis of the actual production exam, resulting in a valid certificate for the production exam, when passed.
Like anyone else in my position would be, I am very eager to know whether I passed this exam. If I do, I will be among the first to get the OCP status for E-Business Suite Release 12, because I already have got the 11i OCP certificate.

Today I was checking the prometric website to see whether the scoring had been applied to the test. Unfortunately, the status still was "Tested"... To get an idea of when to expect the scoring result, there is Oracle's statement that it will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks after closure of the Beta Period, but you can always check with Prometric what the availability is for the actual production exam. So I looked up 1Z0-238 (beta exams always start with 1Z1, production exams start with 1Z0) and started the scheduling engine for this exam. This way I found out that the first available date for the exam is set to February 2nd (strangely enough, the exam can only be scheduled until February 10?).

Anyway, I guess my results will be made available somewhere in January... I need some more patience...

UPDATE, January 6, 2009:
I was checking again today and saw that the first exam-date for this exam is now scheduled at January 20, 2009.

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