Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day 1

Another Oracle related weblog is born today. I have been struggling with the idea for months, if not years, and never took the time to create one. Now finally the time has come.

Well, what is the purpose of this weblog? The idea is to share my knowledge with the community; it'll also have to serve as some kind of reference for the future.
The majority of the articles here will be focusing on the technology or technicalities of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Database.

Some Information about myself can be found in my profile as well as on LinkedIn.
I hope to be a frequent blogger. I have published some weblogs at the AMIS weblog, and will continue to do so here. Some of the posts that I published at the AMIS weblog will be published here as well in the near future.

Hope to meet you here again soon!

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